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Important Notices

Enquiries on official staff email should be sent to: quoting your payroll number.

Kindly take part in the TU-K Staff Survey on ODeL e-READINESS

How to login

Any staff member of TUK can sign in to his/ her account using Payroll number as username and National ID number as password.

You can change your password once you are logged into your account.


Recover password here. | You can sign in here | Go to home.

How to update public profile

Always make your profile up-to-date! This is because, your public profile is visible to search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, among others. People who search for you will definitely access the information available on your profile.

In order to update your profile, first you must be logged in. The procedure for logging in is outlined on the Sign In section.

Once logged in, you will seee various tabs showing different sections of your profile that you can edit. Kindly note that your personal and academic qualifications can ONLY be updated at the Human Resource office.

After updates, you can always confirm how the public views your profile!

Who is viewing your profile?

You can always track how the public views your profile. To access this page, click on the tab 'Profile Views' once you are logged in.

Changing profile photo

You can also replace a photo that you do not want to appear on your public profile.

Links to Staff Services

In order to quicly access various services pertaining to staff in TUK, this portal brings all the links together. These links are:

  •    ICT Service Request: This is a link that enables you to send support requests to the Directorate of ICT Services (DICTS). You can check status of your request from the page.
  •    Staff Office Email( This links to the new mail server for emails *
  •    Class Lists: This is a link to download student class lists. KINDLY LOGIN TO SEE USERNAME AND PASSWORD FOR ACCESSING CLASS LISTS.
  •    Staff Official Documents: This is a link to the official staff documents. KINDLY LOGIN TO VIEW OFFICIAL STAFF DOCUMENTS.
  •    Compliment/Complaint: The Directorate of ICT Services is committed to satisfying users' expectations. Feel free to send a compliment or a complaint to the Directorate.
  •    Help Desk: This links to the page you are currently viewing. You are able to access help tips on how maximize using the portal.

Links to Special Websites